“I can relax”

Recently, the day when I was grinning with grazed fluttering was continued in the procedure of returning to the former workplace.

My appetite has declined, but I couldn’t lose weight, but my gastrointestinal tract was crazy, and I couldn’t sleep more for many years.

I was doing it, but the day of opening is finally announced, and most of the prospects are standing and I’m regaining calm.

Even in the current workplace, we are exchanging information with our friends

The colleagues who were originally good friends were in a different casino, but the friends who were waiting for opening together in the current workplace were originally the same shift, so they were familiar.

I’ve been working hard together in my current workplace for almost two years.

In the last two years, it has become quite close.

Without that closed, it might not have been as close as it is now.

It’s a mysterious edge.

Current colleagues with the same former workplace have a strong sense of solidarity, right?

Recently, a nostalgic former colleague has come to me and tells me the situation. It’s not really nice to say that, but I’m happy to meet again.

Do you know the procedure quite a bit and everyone knows it? Speaking of which, there are always errors and stumbles, and there are doubts that Email from personnel affairs without exchanging information between each other.

Even if you don’t know the phone number, you exchange information with FB messenger and help each other.

I’m always asked a question

This week was finished in the week to do things related to drug tests and background checks

Because the company is different, you will do everything from scratch.

Since everything is a remote era, there are bugs unlike in the past. The site is

It was a drug test (urine test) yesterday, but I put up with the toilet without listening to the explanation (for urine testing), so I was warned if I took urine and went to the toilet normally.

I shouldn’t flush it.

Don’t use water, pick up the hand soap to wash your hands, and twist the faucet.

It’s over! I told you to open the door and let me flow.

I apologized

This is probably a work prevention.

The bag was also locked in the toilet shelf.

The water in the toilet was blue, but it was transparent when it was washed away.

Do you judge whether it was flushed in the color?

Well, it’s good. It was okay because it was okay.

If you work at a casino, maybe an American company? Drug tests are common sense, and there are two types of urine tests like this, body hair (mainly hair).

Until now, it was only a pattern from hair, and it may be the first drag test 코인카지노 from urine in 17 years?

In the area where this test is for the first time.

The area that has passed, but rarely goes. But it’s relatively close to the house. About 10 minutes by car?

There was also an organic store sprout in a community with quite a lot of shops, so I was surprised.で す か Did you find it in such a place?

There was also Ross. I didn’t know.

It was a surprising discovery

Anyway, this holiday is easy because I don’t have to do anything until there is orientation next Monday. ️ At last I can rest calmly‼ ️


アメリカは2weeks noticeが普通。














If you think about it, tears …

Various feelings are confused.

It wasn’t just painful, and there were good encounters in my current workplace.

When I reunited with a nostalgic companion in a former workplace for the first time in two years, I missed anyone because I had parted here two years ago.

It’s long for two years.

Everyone is surprised by my fat

It has become longer.

I will do my best in the new future positively

I have to be grateful that I can work with many friends again. I’m glad I waited

I won’t do anything today!

I was tired both mentally and physically.

I can finally sleep slowly

See you soon.

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