The only way to make money in casino

Einstein, who was once in a casino game, said, “The only way to win money with roulette is to steal the dealer’s chip.” Einstein must have believed that there would be a way to believe in 슬롯머신 his smart hair and to pay money in the casino through mathematical probability calculations.

All games in the casino are designed to make the casino a bit more likely than the player through a kind of yield calculation criteria called the House Edge. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that you can win intermittent victory through your luck and betting strategy, but there is no way to win.

But I did this difficult thing that Einstein could not do. I don’t have to say that I’m not having a better head or mathematical calculation than Ainstein. The key to making money in the casino was because of the ‘frustration’.

I was a dirt cutlery in my ears, and I was also a naturally broken body since I was young, thanks to my parents. “The easiest way to educate children about money is that the parents have no money.” On the past day, the reason why he failed to invest in the casino was because of the excessive greed of money and failed to invest in stocks because of the sudden disappearance, but because he didn’t know well. In short, it is ‘deceived’. But after studying and studying gambling, my “affordable” finally began to shine.

Kangwon Land is Korea’s only Korean casino. In order to sit at the table and play a game, the demand and supply of services are extremely contrary to the process of winning the “winning” procedure. Even if I have a chance to sit at the table for a long time, I get bothersome to meet two or three companions who follow the bet on my card. This is the only way for people who can’t sit at the table can participate in the game.

As I mentioned before, the average betting amount I bet in Gangwon Land is 1,000 won. The owner of the seat bets only a thousand won, and the amount of two or three people destiny of my game is usually more than 1 to 200,000 won. Their destiny, called the “back war,” depends entirely on a player who sits at a table called “front war.” For this reason, it is natural that I will not be ugly for the “back wars”.

However, as the game continues, the only one of the players in the table, who finds me, is admired by the skills and give me his destiny. Although it is a small profit, there are not many people who ask for the secret of making a thousand won and 2,000 won. If you have this skill, you will not be able to expect more profits if you increase the betting solution. I smile and smile and answer ‘Yes ~’, but I never increase the betting liquid as their advice. I know that the mentality collapses as soon as I increase the betting liquid, and I can no longer profit.

Those who advise me to increase the betting liquid do the same thing as if they were in a plate that increased their bets instead of a bag. It’s not because of rebellion against me who doesn’t hear his advice at all, but because of the desire to increase the betting liquid and earn more. However, in this case, most of the fate of the background is determined.

While I earn a thousand won, 2,000 won, they paid 100,000 won and hundreds of thousands of won, and they feel like they’re flying and give me a 10,000 won chip in front of me and give it as a sign of gratitude. I had no intention of calculating such tips on profits, but I’m not going to pay for it. In addition, the money of 10,000 won is a big money that I can only win ten times. I laugh at the game with a good smile.

But gambling cannot always win. Like the winter, which is cold in an instant, the atmosphere of the game quickly cools down. In this case, the destiny of me and the back war is clearly mixed. It would be only a thousand won for money that I lost in one edition, but the money that the background loses is usually more than a few hundred thousand won. Even in the cold weather, I still have plenty of money that I can hold on. Sometimes I can maximize the yield in the weak market through the paroly system betting strategy, but it is not easy for companions with high betting liquids to double and triple the bets.

Eventually, the “back player”, which had a big amount of money in an instant, has long been mentally collapsed, and Martin Gale’s cursed betting solutions begin to increase the loss.

Some people make money, even those who invest in the same stock in the same stock market, and some people fly home. It will not be because the stock market is not good, and it will not be good at choosing the stocks. The difference is likely to be the size of betting, technology, and investment capital.

Even if I have a value that I bought 20 years later, even if it is a value that can be more valuable, it may be a loss before it gives sweet fruit if it is accompanied by incorrect investment philosophy, incorrect trading methods, and wrong investments.

After 20 years, the total property of 0%of the long -term investments has been vulnerable to situations where cash is needed, such as sudden accidents, diseases, children’s college admission and marriage. If you wait a few more days, you will not have to see the sweet red poem that can be eaten, but it is not a sweet persimmon.

The mechanism of making money starts with the precious and caring mind, and what is needed is to make a safe and affordable investment.

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