[Then that song] #6

Now lie, please shut up! -Eye in the sky

You can see your stomach clearly

Is it possible to accurately grasp the other’s “real appearance”? Conversely, what if you find out that someone is looking through my reality as well as my heart?

The hero of the Alan Parsons Project’s song “ Eye in the Sky ”, published in 1982, claims that he can look into his opponent’s mind. Knowing that his opponent is lying and pretending not to know he knows, he has a chance to make up for many times.


Don’t think that you can easily say ‘I’m sorry’

Do not try to reverse the situation.

I already gave you a lot of opportunities

But no longer (but I ’m Not Gonna Give Anymore

Do not tell me (do n’t ask me)

World history originally (that ’s how it goes)

I know what you are thinking about now (cause part of me know what you ’Re Thinkin’)

As soon as Jeonju passes through the conscience that was asleep deep in the heart, the indifferent voice of the vocal Eric Norman Woolfson throws this endless warning.

The second line of Turn the Tables is an expression derived from board games such as a hundred Backgammon (a game that moves according to the number of dice) or chess. While playing the game, turning the table where the game board was placed changes the position of the plate. In other words, the person who was losing came to the position of the person who was winning, meaning ‘change the plate, reverse the situation’.

The last line of ‘Part of Me Knows ~’ shows the characteristics of English expressions that are different from our words. It is not unreasonable to interpret it as ‘I know a part 크레이지슬롯 of me’ but ‘I know a little.’

Do not say later (do n’t says you ’re Gonna regret

Don’t let the Fire rush to your head

I have been accused before (I’m Heard the Accusation Before)

I will not hear anymore (and I ain China take Any more

Really (Believe Me)

The sun in your eyes (the sun in your eyes)

Some lies were a bit reliable

As the opponent has been so far, he spits out the sincere apology without souls, and he tries to look back on the situation while being angry and blaming like a fire. So far, it has worked. But this time it’s useless. No matter how the other person acts, it seems that you can see the expression of the protagonist who only says in a dry tone without a surprise.

The main character, who was so cold, once saw a shiny light like the sun in the opponent’s eyes. Didn’t you expect that the words that shine your eyes are not completely lying, but you will have some truth, and if you wait a little more, you will talk about the truth more than a lie?

‘HAVE THE SUN in Someone’s Eyes’ or ‘The Sun is in Someone’s Eyes’ means ‘the sunlight directly in the eyes of the sun’ (so that the eyes are broken). Worth Believing ‘The lyrics are just right to interpret the words.

For example, this scene comes to mind. Two loved ones are facing each other under the sunshine. The sun shines in the eyes of the opponent. Looking at himself, the eyes of the other person who shine shiny are like the sun. There was a time. But now it is ending like this. So the heart of the listener is a little hurt.

I am floating in the sky (I am the eye in the sky)

Looking at you

I can read your heart (I can read your mind)

I am the person who makes a rules (I am the Maker of Rules)

Dealing with Fools

I can be cheated like you (I can check you blind)

I do not see (and I do need to see any more to know that)

I can read your mind (I can read your mind, I can read your mind)

However, the lyrics of the chorus that follows are even more eliminated compared to verses 1 and 2. It is reminiscent of omnipotent beings that are almost like a god, not a person who eats firmly and says goodbye to lovers. ‘The snow floating in the sky’ and ‘creating rules and opposing fools’ and ‘I can read the mind without seeing it.’

So the main character and the other person of this song have always been interpreted and opinions about who the hell are. It is a story of a person who clearly realizes and breaks up the reality of a lover who was deceived and deceived himself. The song that brought the motif from George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, and so on.

Always watching

The word ‘Eye in the sky.’ This means ‘Eye in the sky.’ Sometimes it means.

Eric Wolfson, who made this song, said he was very interested in surveillance cameras who looked down at all game tables from the casino ceiling for a while. Indeed, as in <1984>, the fact that there is an eye to watch anytime, anywhere seemed to be meaningful.

Crucially, Eric has heard the word “Eye in the sky” three times a day. First, a friend showed a surveillance camera in the casino where he worked, and then listened to the news in the hotel room where Eric stayed, and the news about the satellite surveillance device came out, and the eyes of the sky at the top of the pyramid picture on the back of the $ 1 bill. I mentioned that it is drawn (which opinions and conspiracy theories are divided into what this eye means, but it is generally known to symbolize ‘God’s eyes’). Eventually, the word “Eye in the sky” remained in his head and became the title of this song.

Do not leave false fantasy

Don’t cry, I don’t change my mind

So don’t look for other fools as before

I’m sure you’re cheating on me, but you won’t live with that lie (cause I ain n’t Gonna Live Anymore Believing / some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving)

By verse 3, the protagonist’s “human” aspect will survive a little again. The other person looked at tears, but the protagonist knew that he was stupid, who was deceived by the obvious lie. Such fools are now going to go somewhere else. And he shouts that he will never be deceived again.

Of course, people are often stir -fry and stir -fry and lives without being deceived, knowing, and knowing, even if they are not unknown and omnipotent, even though they are not uncomfortable and omnipotent. So I feel satisfied with this song’s protagonist who looks clear and cool.

Who are you going to deceive?!

This song, which was felt as a song about the lovers who summarized the relationship that was tied with love, is coming to a new one. Our average people have lived in the light of common sense and conscience, as in the past when we didn’t have any electricity, no electricity, or cars, and there was no electricity, no cars, or cars. Every time I see a politician who makes a shameless lie, I want to yell at the lyrics of this song.

“The people are the eyes floating in the sky. I’m always watching you. I can see the black inside. It is the people who make a rules. So stop lying! ”

But will the yell become a powerful bamboo rain, and the day will come to hit his back?

Author: Choi Joo -yeon

In the public money misunderstanding case in Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the man who received the remittance said, “I used money at an online casino,” and there is a growing call for online casinos.

On June 10, the “addiction problem countermeasures network”, which is created by addicted parties and supporters, submitted requests to relevant ministries and agencies to enhance regulations, such as crackdowns on overseas casino sites and restrictions on sites.

The network held a press conference in Tokyo on the same day, saying, “If you leave the site, you may be damaged by the youth generation who uses the app, and their future may be deprived.” (Writer Tomoko Arima)

● Surprisingly increasing consultation due to corona evil, large debt in a short period of time

At the conference, Noriko Tanaka, the representative of the gambling addiction issue, also participated in lawyers, psychiatrists and gambling -dependent parties involved in addiction issues.

According to Tanaka, since 2020, people who were forced to leave and nested nesting due to the catastrophe have increased the number of consultations that “online gambling in spare time and working on investment funds and savings.” 。

Tanaka said, “Online is often the difference of tens of millions of yen compared to other gambling, and there are many serious consultations, such as borrowing money from Yami finance and embezzlement of company money. The problem was discovered, and I was surprised that it was so spread to young people. “

Dr. Toshiaki Tsuneoka, who is treating gambling addiction at Karasuyama Hospital in Showa Daihin, said, “I feel that many online gambling -addicts have serious depression. There is no need to go to the store like pachinko. Treatment is difficult because you can bet on an unlimited amount of money from anywhere and anywhere on your smartphone. “

● “Japan is also possible as well as the United States and France.”

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also announced on June 1 for online casinos. However, many casino sites seemed to be operated by overseas businesses, and it was difficult to caught in Japan in Japan, such as opening a gambling field.

The network will require overseas businesses to provide casino services to the Japanese people, and will restrict the access to the site by the user in order to ensure the effectiveness of the law to apply the crime. I asked for it.

A lawyer Toshiaki Nakajima, who had created the request, surveyed overseas cases, and found that many online casino operators say that access from the United States and France was “not allowed” or “prohibited”. It was described. For this reason, Nakajima said, “Japan is also considered to be the same regulation as the US and France to foreign casino operators.”

In addition, online casinos affiliates and advertisements have many states as if they are “legally gray”, so “the perception that they are illegal is not spread to users” (Nakajima lawyer). Asked to inform him that he would be the subject of 인터넷바카라 punishment.

He also called for crackdowns, as well as “settlement agent”, which mediates money between overseas businesses and Japanese users, may have been doing foreign exchange trading without permission. In addition, credit card companies and electronic money should teach through business improvement orders so that they do not trade with “businesses that are contrary to public order and morals”, such as casinos.

The representative of Tanaka of the “Thinking Party” also said, “Some people, such as celebrities, are in a commercial (online casinos), and have begun to use them with confidence. Then, it is a factor that attracts young people to automatically pop -ups to smartphones in AI, “he criticized. For this reason, the request also includes regulating online casinos advertisements.

● Debt 10 million yen in 2 years, depression also developed

At the conference, the parties’ office worker, Nao (pseudonym, 40s), talked about the experience. Nao had been wearing horse racing and pachinko before Corona’s evil, but began using online casinos after the cleaning of pachinko parlors and out -of -field betting fields was closed in an emergency declaration.

At first, I started with a win of 100 yen, but the money grew, “The money gradually became paralyzed, and the amount became just a number.” In about a year, bet on a 30 second roulette of 600,000 yen. He said that he got up at midnight, gambling, and continuing to bet on an online meeting while working at home, and was hindered by his work.

“If you win, you will continue to bet,” I want to enjoy the pleasure again “, and if you lose, you will raise your bet and raise your bet, so it will not end until you lose money. I was suffering from guilty, “he said on the fear of online casinos.

Eventually, more than 10 million yen of debt was made in consumer finance, and depression developed. In May this year, he participated in a seminar for the “Thinking Party” and led him to a supporter, but he still sells his home apartment to repay his debt. He recalls that his parents and his parents -in -law change their debts.

“If online casinos are completely illegal, I want people in society to be able to recognize them widely. If they are illegal, the hurdles of use will be quite high.”