USB memory cannot be used in in -vehicle audio! How to listen to music comfortably in the car even if you don’t support “USB3.0”? (Auto Messe Web)

Large -capacity USB memory has become cheaper, but unexpected pitfalls … USB terminals are white or black, USB3.0 is blue, and now you can enjoy music in the car even in the car. However, if you want to enjoy high -quality high -resolution sound sources, it is common to save sound sources on devices such as USB memory. Recently, the price has dropped, so I tend to get a large -capacity USB3.0, but there are large pitfalls to use in the car. Many of the in -vehicle aircraft only support USB2.0. [Image] See the difference between USB2.0 and 3.0 in a schematic diagram (4 pieces in total) There are still many in -vehicle audio that is not compatible with USB3.0! I have just failed recently. When I was looking at Amazon, I found a 2TB (terabitte) USB memory. The price is about 2,000 yen. Until then, a 16GB USB memory was used, so if you save more than 10 albums, you’ll be full, and USB memory will increase steadily in the car. I wanted a larger USB memory. So 바카라 I purchased a 2TB USB memory, saved the music, and inserted it into the USB slot of the car, but there was only a caution that “there is no device” and nothing responded. The USB memory I purchased is a high -speed USB3.0 type. However, my in -vehicle aircraft could use USB2.0 but did not support USB3.0. Recently, large -capacity USB is about 3.0, but many in -vehicle aircraft still support only 2.0. If you put it slowly, 2.0, if you put it quickly, 3.0 if you put it in 3.0, “I can’t do this?” It’s a very analog story for a digital device. While thinking, “Is it serious?”, I slowly inserted it with a half -confidence, and then re -formed it, then saved the music and used it in a car. Of course, it is slow when inserted into the USB of the car. Then, the USB3.0 device that did not respond at all, saying “I have no device”! Isn’t it recognized properly? It’s a true story like a lie. Of course, this has a basis. Examining the difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0, both USB2.0 and 3.0 tip terminals are common. The USB3.0 has a terminal for USB3.0 in the back, and the connection destination is recognized as USB3.0 by inserting it. Therefore, if you insert it slowly and first recognize it as USB2.0, you can use it as USB2.0 on USB3.0 devices.

good morning!

This is Kaori.

Yesterday, I bought two kinds of flowers at once ♡

One of the things I wanted to move

Decorate two kinds of beautiful flowers from everywhere

It’s still a bit different from the image

I bought two types, so I felt a little closer.

In addition, the flowers for the New Year are still blooming beautifully, so the room is full of flowers.

I wanted to use a baccarat vase from K -chan as a birthday gift, so I purchased a color.


First of all, should you enjoy the color for a long time? I think

Sweetpie in the baccarat vase you received

It has a strong weight

Cut is also beautiful vase ♡

Thank you K-chan (^-^)

No, I meet today.

Have a beautiful vase

A wish came out again.

I want the sense of decorating flowers! ! !

It’s difficult, isn’t it?

I’m not confident that I’m making the most of the vase now, crying

I will be better, so please wait for a while.


The repo can’t catch up at all ww

3 consecutive holidays that were full of work ♡

One of them was the third luxury Mind lesson ~ ヽ (^o^)

Everyone’s face is more and more bright and gorgeous ~

When the inside changes

The appearance changes in an easy -to -understand manner! ! !

The third lesson is my favorite time

Get the power to come true! is.

What does it mean to fulfill your wish?

How can I fulfill it?

What is the mechanism?

Her mechanism is explained by illustration type ❤︎

(It’s pretty good to do it properly, it’s easy to understand!)

The third time called God ✨ ♡

It was a god!

And everyone is impressed that the expression is lively and beautiful

After all, when the mind changes, the face changes. I felt it.

It was a god! !

I want to listen many times.

When it is important to clearly want it, you can clearly see your wishes when an unwanted reality happens ♡

Those who are reading my blog

on second thoughts


You want to live as you like, right?

You want to decide yourself, not a life that someone decides.

You want to have room for time, money and heart, right?

You want to laugh and live happily, right?

I want a high brand bag!

I want to decide promptly if I have a dress! !

I want to go on a trip as soon as I want to go! ! !

What do you think?

Nowadays, there is plenty of time, money and heart, and it has become unrelated to bad relationships.

When I was a dispatch OL six years ago …

want to go on a trip~! I thought I had to plan in advance

I can’t take a break from work suddenly

Weekdays even if you have an attractive invitation suddenly! I judged that I couldn’t go

There was a company schedule and I couldn’t answer immediately.


Someone’s obvious

Without the rules of the company or restrictions

I want to fulfill myself as much as my wish

I want to chase my ideals properly ♡

Do not you think so?

That’s it!

Luxury Mind lesson 3rd time

Get the power to come true ♡

What is it?

Fulfill your wish

Make it an ideal life

Here is what I need for that ↓ ↓ ↓

Miharu who is taking lessons

I wrote her impression on my blog

Miharu who has lived in Italy

She is really passionate and feminine tight fashion and sexy things.

She was after she came back to Japan …

She is completely dyed in Japanese common sense

Start to worry about people’s eyes

She seems to have been there because she lost her feelings and emotions.

that is

Each time you follow the lesson, your charm is blooming again! ! !

I did it ♡

✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎ From here ✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎

Mr. Kaori, who is natural to make his wish come true,

It’s strange, the people who always come true are fulfilled.

I was taught a lot of the mechanism to fulfill my wish, and everyone’s face was shining!

Isn’t that happy? The wish will come true.

Give yourself a good feeling and feel a lot.

While catching various messages

Listen to the voice of the heart, “the voice of a 3 -year -old child,” instead of thinking.

The basics of living rich and happiness are always here.

In the meantime,

“Because it doesn’t suit me”

“Because it doesn’t fit your body type”

“I can’t expect it with my own income”

And make a limit on your own,

I was told that I was happy if I didn’t want much, and I grew up, and I became an adult.

Even if you don’t get it

Actually pick up and grin,

Feel the splendor, experience it like this,

Just allow yourself to do that

Life will quickly become rich and rich! !

You can get or not enter.

First of all, let yourself allow you to feel crush.

Let’s scoop up the voice of a 3 -year -old child in the heart and listen.

Go to the place you want to go more, see various things and feel crush.

When I heard the lesson, I thought like this.

✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎ ✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎

What is important to fulfill your wish

Things to notice your true feelings ♡


Living rich

Living happily

Sometimes I feel rich

I think I’m happy

That’s why what is your happiness and richness?

Knowing this is the first shortcut ~

Miharu also notices that and is evolving every day ♡

I can hear my heart’s voice more and more ~ ​​ヽ (^o^)

Click here for Miharu’s blog, full text ♡

It’s important to fulfill your wishes and live richly

Dene ♡

Make a wish

To fulfill your wish …

I have something I want everyone to know

Be sure to fulfill your wish in the next step!


(Of course, there are times like that ♡)

Hopefully, unlike, again … there are many things.

When I told this in the lesson, everyone was surprised.

You don’t have to fulfill it all at once! ! ! I mean, lol

When you make your wishes, you don’t have to get 100 points at one time.

I tend to think that I can’t make a mistake in my personality.

First of all, I tried to release my wish, answer it with reality, and if I didn’t like it, I decided to try again!

I was able to revive my motivation for “Reality proceeds with answers. If it is different, correct it.”

Everyone should not fail!

I have to succeed at once!

I tend to think, but lol

I am

Hopefully → come true → I don’t like it → I wish

This is a repetition ♡

So, I make a wish without sticking to the result ♡

Then the reality comes

And if you don’t really like it

I hope ♡

That’s fine! ! !

Reality is just an answer ~

So, lower the hurdle and release it lightly.

That’s it will come true!

Fufufu ♡ I’m looking forward to it ♪

Then, today, a wonderful day ~ ヽ (^o^)


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