“Watching the race (☆ ▽ ☆)”

Would you like to go or go this year?

Once a year in Kano, Miyagi Prefecture

GT championship

Team Calsonic from this year

From the skyline

Changed model to Fairlady Z

be on one’s mind!

be on one’s mind!

After 슬롯머신 worried with my husband until midnight

If you leave at 5 o’clock in the morning

Fortunately, the parking lot was stopped nearby, but the gate opened at 7:30

It’s a Corona measure, and the time is tappuri

I went without panic

The aim is the main stand

Shortly after starting

It starts to rain

Sugo racing place where monsters live

Maybe because we won the 5th round

Yesterday’s qualifying was bad, and he started well when he started from 14th place.

Annual event once a year

It was good to be able to participate (⁠^‿^⁠^⁠)

The order is not in order

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