Yokohama City, with the withdrawal of IR, the final report “There are many uncertainties, risks for economic effects”, and will be announced on the 13th (Kanaroko by Kanagawa Shimbun)

A summary of the final report compiled based on the opinions of external experts, etc., which had been invited by the mayor of Yokohama City Takashi Yamanaka, including a casino (IR), and examined the background of IR. It turned out on the 12th. The IR has many uncertainties, and includes a business risk that does not expect the economic effects as expected. It will be announced by the Standing Committee on the 13th. The verification is to look back on the IR invitation promoted as the pros and cons of the citizens during the former mayor’s era, and utilize it in future measures. Mayor Yamanaka had instructed the creation as “looking back on the background of the invitation and what to reflect on.” In the final report, the city follows an interim report that summarizes the progress of decision -making 크레이지슬롯 and the contents of the examination that the city shown in February, and (3) IR invitation in the city, etc. New items such as retrospective of the initiatives have been added. In “Review of IR -attracting IR invitation in the city”, which is the overall summary, the economic social effect states that “IR has many uncertainties and there is a business risk that does not expect.” The rise of online casinos, the trend of new colon virus infections, and the risk of economic effects are listed.

Take the YAMAHA XG250 tricker this morning

Once back home, wipe and clean each part

Have lunch and try riding after 14:00

I went …

Nanazawa -Hyuga Yakushi -Isehara -Hadano, and Yabitsu Pass

Yabitsu Pass has been a long time

I don’t remember what time I ran before

Was it XJR1300 or VTR1000F?

It was narrow, the road surface was bad, there were many bicycles and cars, and it was not interesting on a large road type, so it was a route that I never ran, but today’s machine is a 250cc dual para.

There is no rough road in the whole paved, so I tried to run for a tricker trial ride.

The time I climbed from Hadano was already a little past 16:00, so it was empty, there was no car or motorcycle to run to Miyagase at a good pace from beginning to end!

At first I was thinking of running with a fluffy, but once I turned the throttle, it was very interesting with Hirari Hirari, Kurukuru, and I was attacking quite a bit …

The engine is good, and the brakes are not particularly fine

I have a long history of motorcycles, but I have never ran a pass with such a type of machine, so it is very fresh.

Anyway, the body is light and the small turn is effective

Fun, topless!

I wonder if I will try to run a forest road and a cheerful dirt.

But if you look closely, the tires are quite reduced, and there 사설홀덤 are some places that are damaged, so I need to replace them.

19:00 Return

Mileage 114㎞


This was what I was wearing when I was on the XJR1300

In addition, it was officially riding Yamaha, so it was revived



Levi’s 503